The theory of the «big bang» and «scattering universe» is not supported by observations

The theory of the «big bang» and «scattering universe» is not supported by observations, but these theories continue to be the dogmas of faith, as it were, of physicists. Even the fact that the theories of the “big bang” and the “scattering universe” contradict no less important dogmas of faith of the theories of relativity, because the decollapsing of the singularity, according to Einstein, is impossible, these same physicists, as it were, do not bother. The dogma of faith is inviolable … Of course, it would be ridiculous to substantiate the unreality of one stupid theory with other, no less stupid theories, one must turn to the facts:
About singularities absent in nature.
Objects at the limit of observation are the same as those near. (12345678…)

The Hubble constant is 73.9 km / s, which makes the «mathematical universe» younger than the set of objects in it.
About the stars that have already evolved for many billions of years before the «big bang» invented by cosmologists …
The real existence of huge voids contradicts the theory of the «expanding universe»
About the «axis of evil» rejected by the adherents of the «big bang».
The amount of heavy elements that exists could not be produced by the stars during the time that cosmologists consider the time of existence of the «universe».
The existing world is a paradox from the standpoint of the «big bang» theory.

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