Relativists and Aetherists in Modern Pseudo-Physics

People who believe in different miracles are organized into different groups. Some of them directly declare that the world is ruled by deities. These are, for example: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, animists. Others declare that they do not believe in the existence of a certain personality of God, but at the same time they believe in miracles performed by an impersonal, but thinking nature. Moreover, they believe that nature «thinks» with mathematical formulas, invented by them.

These pseudo-materialists are subdivided into etherists and relativists, and the relativists, Einstein’s followers, descend from the etherists. The split is common for all religions, there is not a single monolithic religion, because not a single religion is based on facts, all religions basically contain only the opinions of some real or mythical authorities. Etherists, as it were, possessed the minds of false materialists until the beginning of the 20th century, when Einstein stood out from their ranks. Einstein, in the teachings of the schismatics called relativists, retained the etheric formulas of the etherists Maxwell and Lorentz, but rejected the ether itself.

The blow was painful. The stubborn etherists never gave up their favorite broadcast, preferring to lose their audience and funding.
The symbol of faith of the primitive Aethyrists is «ether», a mysterious substance that fills the entire void of space in accordance with Aristotle’s dogma: «Space abhors a void.» The second dogma of their faith is waves in the «ether» that carry information in space. The Aethyrists have many prophets, but the main ones are Hertz and Maxwell. There are also false prophets, these include, first of all, Michelson, who did not find the «ether» by his experiment, the etherists consider the main prophets of the relativists to be false prophets. But the primitive Etherists are not a powerful denomination that consistently interprets their dogmas. They are represented by many sects and loners, who interpret their concepts of how the particles of «ether» are arranged and how they transmit waves in their own way. In addition, many aetherists share some of the ideas and theories of relativists. Unlike relativists, primitive aetherists usually do not accept the theories of the «big bang» and «expanding universe», which do not agree with the concept of «aether». Naturally, no traces of «ether» have been found experimentally …

The quirky and cunning etherealists, that is, as if neo-etherists, accepting relativism with a bang, in reality refused only the word «ether» to describe the fantastic environment where, in their opinion, the formulas invented by them reign. These neo-etherists called their new (with old holes) ether «physical vacuum» and began to invent adventures in it of hundreds of «particles» they also invented. The pseudoscience, which collected the collection of these fabrications, was called Quantum Mechanics. Soon it was this pseudoscience that became the main one in pseudo-physics, because on the basis of Einstein’s formulas in the «scientific world» you cannot go far, well, time dilation, well, putting a minus in the formulas and you get a movement into the past, that’s all. But quantum mechanics gave rise to a lot of dissertations, the creation of a lot of theories: quantum entanglement, string theory, parallel universes, in general, it takes a long time to list all the nonsense, and how scientists are inventing more and more theories …

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