About physics and its authorities

The most distant science from reality, at the present stage of the existence of human society, is physics. Physics was completely occupied by theologians with mathematical education, who declared themselves theoretical physicists (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1011.). The product of their labor of interpreting facts is lies and nothing but lies. They modified the religious «cosmology» by replacing the «divine» creation of the world from nothing with the theory of the «big bang», with its «expanding universe», as if linking with it the rest of their incoherent ad hoc theories … Just because our world exists one could simply reject these theories, because if the ideas of these theories had at least some relation to the world, then the world would not exist at all. But reality does not want to fit into the relativistic theories of theologians. For example, German astrophysicists have proved by observations that the sun’s gravity does not affect photons at all. That is, all fabrications about «black holes» and «deformation of space by gravitation» should be removed from physics. But then, in order for physics to become a science, and not literary rubbish, a genre of fantasy, all theoretical developments of the last century must be removed from physics. But together with this rubbish, physics must be protected from theorists who are piling up their cosmological delirium into it. Theorists are mathematicians, that is, as statistics show, people who believe in the «creator of the world.» They cannot be stopped by any contradictions of their creationist theories with the realities of the world. All the numerous contradictions between reality and their theories, theorists consistently and methodically declare the paradoxes of a «stupid» nature that does not want to fit into their «smart» theories, and persistently and annoyingly continue to preach to the people their delusional ideas about the world. There are no less lies in science than in politics. Worse, both in science and in politics falsification with the aim of «confirming» a theory or a crazy idea is used more often than searches for real facts confirming the theory, and facts showing the theory’s falsehood are hushed up and not accepted for consideration. It is necessary not only to reject these theories in one phrase, but to point out the numerous elements of delirium in existing theories that do not fit into observations. But, of course, it is useless to point out these inconsistencies to scholastics who are not able to think independently, these instructions are meaningful only for people capable of independent thinking. All this is more detailed in the sections physics and «British scientists» In the section «physics» only facts are reflected, and in the section «British scientists», the theories of these «giants of theoretical thought», and the complete absence of their connection with reality.

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