«Gravitational waves» and «black holes» are nonsense

For some time, the pandemic of another acute viral respiratory infection, which politicians have adopted to fight ordinary people around the world, has suspended the publication of paranoid fabrications of scientists, as it were, on the topic of «gravitational waves» and «black holes», odious products of the paranoid idea of ​​time as the fourth coordinate Einstein’s «space-time continuum». But, although the pandemic has not changed in any way, it has already ceased to give food for their sick mind to inadequately thinking scientists, and they again turned to their endless thoughts about the eternal, that is, about God, about the world he created, and about Einstein, according to their concepts, which revealed to them the principles by which God created this world.
Paranoid thinking is paralogical, that is, it combines concepts that are not compatible with each other by any logic, that is, such thinking is unable to compare inventions and reality. Products of paranoid thinking are suitable only for creating fairy tales, myths, anecdotes, but absolutely unsuitable for understanding the real world. That is why paranoid people cannot understand that, according to Einstein, «black holes» stop time. For a time equal to ZERO, any speed multiplied by ZERO gives a movement equal to ZERO. That is, in Einstein’s «space-time continuum» mathematical «black holes» cannot move in any way, but actually observed objects designated as «black holes» move. Separately, it should be emphasized that, according to Einstein, in his «space-time continuum» «black holes» cannot move along the time coordinate (equivalent to Einstein’s three spatial coordinates), that is, «black holes» should remain for their closest environment in all more distant past. It turns out that the Einstein-Schwarzschild «black holes» cannot in any way influence the matter surrounding them from the past, because it is from them in the distant future time.
Agreeing that «black holes» move along all four coordinates of the «space-time continuum» means an absolute denial of Einstein’s theories! Paranoid people are clearly not able to understand this. And those who understand this cannot but understand that «gravitational waves» and «black holes» are nonsense.

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