How researchers differ from pseudoscientists

“At the beginning of the 17th century, two philosophers, Francis Bacon in England and René Descartes in France, described their vision of the world and the role of scientists in this world. According to Bacon, scientists must roam the world and collect a picture of the world from a mosaic of scientific facts. According to Descartes, scientists should stay at home and rely only on the power of their minds to invent «laws» for nature.

Both Bacon and Descartes only summarized the facts about the work of scientists, based on their own understanding of the activities of scientists and their own preferences, but this is how scientists and, as it were, scientists always behaved. People who are interested in the world have studied, study and will study its reality and will build its increasingly real picture like a mosaic. And people with paranoid thinking, living with the fantasies of their delusional ideas about the world with which they really do not want to contact, and which, in essence, is not interesting to them, with the help of various psychostimulants (coffee, alcohol, and so on) created and create religious teachings, or, indistinguishable from religious teachings, their theories of different «mathematical worlds» and «parallel universes»…

And these two types of people will never converge in understanding each other’s ideas…

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