Decoherence versus quantum entanglement

Now a lot of pseudoscientists are busy with the so-called «quantum entanglement» of particles of matter, their clusters and so-called qubits, with the aim of supposedly creating elements of some computers of the future — quantum computers in which information will be transmitted by photons. It is reported periodically that prototypes of such computers have already been created. But their work is all hindered by some «trifles», then supposedly there are no programmers able to write programs for these «greatest achievements» of the mind of quantum-mechanically thinking theorists, then the presence of a kind of decoherence that destroys the orderly rows of photons entangled by them.

Quantum entanglement is a term in quantum mechanics that means that the quantum states of objects are interdependent. Decoherence is the process of breaking the coherence of pairs of photons caused by their interaction with the environment.

  • For pairs of photons obtained in one process, if, when measuring the spin of one particle, the helicity turns out to be positive, then the helicity of the other will always be negative. Such interdependence will be if these particles scatter in space.

There would be nothing fantastic in these formulations if it were not for the presence of the postulates of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, which were formulated by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in 1927. According to these postulates, any particle takes on a certain deterministic state only in the process of measurement. Before measurement, neither the measured particle nor its mirror counterpart have a definite state.
Based on this, it should be understood that the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics does not provide for any decoherence, because the interdependence of entangled photons will exist, even if these particles scatter in space beyond any known interactions! (AGAIN: THE COPENHAGEN INTERPRETATION OF THE QUANTUM MECHANICS OF DECOGERENCE DOES NOT PROVIDE !!!)
What decoherence can there be if, according to the Copenhagen interpretation, the state of any photon before it is measured is uncertain! We replace the indefinite state with an indefinite one and get an indefinite …

In reality, of course, for pairs of particles obtained in one process, the spins of the particles are determined and mirror exactly from the moment of their appearance, and do not appear at all already in the process of measurement.

All this gives an understanding that quantum computers built on the principles corresponding to the postulates of quantum mechanics will not work, and all the fuss of entangling objects of the microworld and the heads of students is empty chores or, much more often, this is the process of mastering funds allocated by someone …

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