Einstein’s «space-time continuum» is just fantasy

The expression «river of time» has been known since antiquity. According to the philosophers of antiquity, this «river» carries us from the past to the future. Newton also has this idea in his «Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy». In Newton, we sail along the «stream of time» like a ship on the sea, from the past to the future. That is, it was not Einstein who invented the fourth dimension, he only kind of mathematized the myth of the “river of time”, designating it as the fourth vector of the dimension. New to this myth, he introduced the fact that in the General Theory of Relativity he has a «space-time continuum», an environment that combines space and time, and declared the dependence of time on gravity and the speed of an object. This environment, according to Einstein, can be bent, but has no structure. Former aetherists, who abandoned the «ether» but remained adepts of wave theories, created Quantum Mechanics on the basis of speculations about waves. They filled this Einstein environment with all sorts of invented wave processes with virtual particles, strings, branes, and so on.
Such philosophical fantasies were quite suitable for the ancient philosophers, who thought that the Earth was held on its back by elephants standing on a turtle swimming along this very «river of time.» For Newton and Einstein, elephants and a turtle were no longer relevant, but their ideas about the movement of the Earth in space differed little from the ideas of ancient philosophers. They knew about the motion of the Earth in its orbit around the Sun at a speed of 30 kilometers per second, but the Sun was, as it were, motionless for them. Einstein learned about the world of galaxies many years after the triumph of his theories, promoted by obscurantists, and did not know about the speed of the Sun in our Galaxy of 300 kilometers per second and the speed of movement of our Galaxy in the world of galaxies equal to 700 kilometers per second.
Not only the inventions of ancient philosophers, but also the theories of Newton or Einstein, can be superimposed on the immovable world, but in the world of real objects moving at the speeds indicated above, the inconsistency of these inventions is easily revealed. According to Einstein, it turns out that a small Newtonian «ship» will move in the «stream of time» faster than a large one, and a huge one will stop altogether. In relativism, there are objects that have stopped in time, these are «black holes», places with zero coordinates of space and time. But after all, objects that are in the future, objects that have remained in the past, cannot have any influence. And for objects in the present, objects in the past and in the future cannot be observed. Being in zero time, no objects can move, even with any speed, because the time for such a movement is zero. Objects from the past cannot manifest themselves in the present and through their gravity. That is, such fantasies invented by relativists as “black holes”, just in accordance with the theories of relativists, should remain in the past and should be fixed in the “space-time continuum” exactly in the place and time where they were formed. And the inhabitants of the «space» in orbit, led by the long-liver of such a «barrel» Sergei Krikalev, ahead of us in time by 0.02 seconds, cannot be observed by us, because they are already in the future, and we are in the past for them. Also, in accordance with the theories of relativists, communication with satellites, which are also in the future, is impossible. Not only «black holes» «frozen» in the «space-time continuum» lag behind us in time, but the stars and planets moving in it, being their parts in conditions of different gravity, should be smeared at different times of this very «space-time continuum «.

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