About «quantum entanglement» and its deep roots…

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One of the sciences of the mystics is astrology. According to her postulates, the stars influence the fate of people. But according to the postulates of quantum mechanics, any observer can influence the object of observation.
For example, the creators of quantum mechanics stated that during their kind of physical experiments with atoms and photons, they discovered that the fact of observing the course of the experiment changes its results. What we focus our attention on varies depending on who the observer is. The Pauli effect is listed in the tablets of the achievements of quantum mechanics. Allegedly, when he entered the laboratory, the lights were turned off, the instruments went out of order, and sometimes even broke.
An example of another monstrously huge series of experiments in quantum mechanics is “quantum entanglement”. When they carry out these kind of experiments in an automatic mode, the picture they get is different than in the presence of an observer. Of course, adherents of quantum mechanics make the following conclusion, clearly continuing the postulates of this pseudoscience: in the absence of obvious observers, someone is observing the objects of the world, otherwise there would be no events at all. It is clear that this «observer», as it were, must have an infinitely great power, and this is not only «dark energy». «Dark energy» is a dull force, it pushes the galaxies and everything, and the «observer» acts subtly, for example, directs the activities of physicists, as it were, to create a multitude of great theories that make it possible to understand his intentions …
One of the founders of quantum physics, Max Planck, during his speech at the receipt of the Nobel Prize, said: “Everything in the universe is created and exists thanks to force. We must assume that behind this force is the conscious mind, which is the matrix of all matter. «
Theorists believe that the «universe» was created by the «observer» using «dark energy» from the void, which is a «quantum field». But probably still the Neanderthals «knew» this. Well, the Cro-Magnons «knew» that for sure. They worshiped the light manifestation of the image of the «observer» dancing and singing, jumping up and down, stretching out his hands to the sky in ecstasy. And they worshiped his «dark energy» in the silence of caves or specially built temples, kneeling down and banging their heads on the floor.
Isn’t it better for theorists, as it were, physicists, instead of inventing their theories, to return to the origins — dancing with a tambourine and banging their heads on the floor …

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