About «loop quantum gravity»

Popularizers of modern false physics often relish the work of theorists inventing theories of quantum gravity, highlighting among them the so-called string theories and loop quantum gravity. Of course, several string theories of different authors are more often protested, apparently as the most abstruse, operating with completely different amounts of incomprehensible things, designated in these theories as measurements.
Loop quantum gravity is mentioned, but details are rarely explained. The mathematical apparatus of this theory is monstrously complex, so rarely anyone tries to delve into it. It is also possible that the non-popularization of details of inventions, well-known in modern physics, co-authors of this theory Ashtekar, Lee Smolin, Rovelli, Barrett and Crane (quantum foam), Roger Penrose and others, is that this is, in principle, another theory of «ether «. In fact, this is a theory that denies the existence of the fourth Einstein dimension, time, although some co-authors of this theory try to extend the elements of the spatial network of this theory into the disappeared past and the still non-existent future.
It is interesting why Einstein’s adherents are not outraged by these «masterpieces» of morons from the cohort of adherents of the pseudoscience of quantum mechanics: «Perhaps space-time is discrete …». If these «giants of thought» had studied at least something in universities, they would have known that Einstein under no circumstances allowed the discreteness of his «space-time continuum». The reason for this is that any discreteness option creates a certain zero level of movement, from which all other levels of movement will have to be counted. That is, it completely negates the postulates of theories of relativity, and generally rejects relativity. Of course, the etherealists who rejected the term «ether», but retained their ideas about it in those very «smallest elements of the world» along which «electromagnetic waves» run, and who found like-minded people in the pseudoscience of quantum mechanics, have the right to look for their «smallest elements of the world» and «Electromagnetic waves», but at the same time they can declare themselves relativists only if they never got acquainted with Einstein’s special and general theory of relativity. But if they read at least the postulates of the special theory of relativity, then they are simply liars, or really morons, unable to draw any conclusions.
At the heart of the inventions of the authors of the theory is a kind of spin network. (But if a piece of matter has spin, then it is a particle, and a particle of space that has been transmitting interactions for three hundred years has been called an ether particle.) That is, adherents of quantum gravity, in other words, are the etherists, rejected by Einstein’s relativistic theories, and all their inventions are nothing more than than chewing what the etherists have been chewing for centuries without ever finding in nature any traces of the brand of their cult — ether particles.

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