Fictional particles of the «mathematical universe»

As you know, «dark matter» was invented only on the basis of Newton’s formula. «Dark energy» is invented as the reason for the «acceleration of the spread of the mathematical universe.» A lot of particles were drawn by Feynman diagrams. Richard Feynman’s diagrams built on the basis of the postulates of «quantum mechanics» have nothing to do with the real world. They were created, ostensibly to explain the processes of collision of particles and, at the same time, their transformation into other particles.
Feynman diagrams are classified according to the number of external lines and the number of closed loops in them. Loops represent one of the most essential ideas of Feynman’s theory, they are never and nowhere observed «virtual processes» of «virtual particles». Physicists, in accordance with Feynman’s instructions, drew and paint with such diagrams huge boards, heaps of paper, and fill billions of gigabytes of computer memory with them. When drawing, they number the diagrams, as if so that the number, as it were, determines the probability of an event.
But the number of diagrams according to Feynman, which, if desired, can be drawn about any event in the microcosm, moreover, an event that is clearly incomprehensible to the interpreters of this event, judging by both the interpretations and some obvious falsifications of photographs, as it were, illustrating the interpretation, is in principle infinite, although real particles resulting from collisions are generally well known. Why do theoretical physicists draw these diagrams? The fact is that they need to substantiate not real particles resulting from collisions of particles, but, as it were, those intermediate particles, the possibility of which follows from their hypotheses.
According to Feynman, theorists easily found and find «new» particles. There are so many such «particles» that it is impossible to even count them.
Even cooler is the invention of elementary particles, of which elementary particles supposedly consist. In 1964, Gell-Mann invented «quarks». Georg Zweig supported him. We do not know the line of thought of the authors of this model of particles, but «quarks» are quite possibly a consequence of the Pythagorean-Platonic «magic» of numbers, in which symmetry determines the structure and properties of the «primary elements». The transformations of «atoms» described by Plato by rearranging their constituent triangles are the direct predecessors of the ideas about transformations of elementary particles by the redistribution of their constituent quarks. «Quarks» as well as «Plato’s triangles» cannot exist in a free form. «Quarks» seem to act as symbols, not material objects. It was invented that «quarks» that do not exist separately have fractional charges and are firmly bound inside heavy particles — hadrons — by «gluons.» This area of ​​theoretical physics has been called quantum chromodynamics. In accordance with quantum chromodynamics, «quarks» and «gluons», in addition to the charges known in nature, also have additional charges — colors, of which the quarks have three, and the «gluons» have as many as eight.
From a heap of particles invented by Feynman, Gell-Mann and their followers, according to the ideas of these science fiction writers, the most important «particle responsible for the mass of all other particles» they approved the so-called «Higgs boson» («Particle of God»), but in reality a pseudo-particle of one of many thousands of «ethers» invented by them. As if for the sake of «confirming» the existence of this «particle» a toy for pyromaniacs, the Large Hadron Collider, was created.
Feynman’s diagrams based on the results of the work of this collider filled computers, but the search for the «Higgs boson» in this way still yielded practically zero results.
Theoretical physicists did not give up! Indeed, in order to report on the spent billions of dollars, the Higgs boson had to be found. And theorists «found» it by applying a method called the «method of unitarity.» According to this method, only those recognized as «real» were allegedly selected from the Feynman diagrams, and the rest were thrown into the trash can. So the Feynman diagrams, but in a truncated form, in the photographs depicting the work of the collider (or maybe fabricated), according to theorists, would have pointed them to something similar, to their desired object …
The successors of the inventions of Feynman, Gell-Mann, Higgs will probably never run out.

Here, for example, Four-dimensional particles of the «space-time continuum», «superstrings» are «found» contrary to Einstein’s postulates, but according to the postulates of quantum mechanics, because supposedly everything should be quantized …

Or, for example, how scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Debrecen announced the discovery of another particle — X17. This is supposedly the carrier of the so-called «fifth force of nature.» This is reported by CNN with reference to an article by scientists posted by the scientific publications library.
As noted, these theorists «were able to determine the presence of the next boson» allegedly due to observations of the formation and decay of helium atoms. During the experiment, the particles scattered at an angle of 115 degrees, which supposedly cannot be explained in any other way except by the presence of X17. According to Atilla Krasnahorkai, this was the second time his coma

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