Mathematics is the language of people who do not want and are unable to understand the real world

Картинки по запросу математика лженаука

Mathematicians fanatically believe that their favorite, but absolutely unnatural mathematical language describes the world around us better and more correctly than any other languages. But this opinion is absolutely inadequate to reality.
Mathematicians raise to a power, extract roots, integrate and differentiate kilograms, seconds and other named numbers, and even insist that this is how they discover the essence of the world! But in the real world, mathematics is nothing more than an accounting tool. Of course, a mathematician who disagrees with this statement can take, for example, 100 rubles and try to extract the square root from them. It will turn out that an object clearly does not exist in nature, although it is, as it were, reflected by a set of mathematical signs …
Every inhabitant can understand and laugh at such mathematics, but when in Newton’s formula, which supposedly reflects the gravitational interaction of bodies, the mass of one planet is multiplied by the mass of another planet, and then this wonderful square mass is spread over an area equal to a square, the side of which is equal to the distance between planets already multiplied on each other, and the mathematician and the man in the street look with trepidation, as at some great revelation. But what is mass times mass? In the fourth grade of school, kids are told that it is impossible to multiply a named number by another named number. Multiply 5 apples by 5 apples what is this?
Mathematical formulas are nothing more than a human language that abbreviates the description of something, but in the language of a normal person, all words must correspond to real objects, and in the language of a psycho there are witches and gods and various other dregs, which are simply disgusting to list. This is how idiots-theoreticians with their belief in the magic of numbers and formulas, or easier to say, belief in simple magic, speed multiplied by speed and mass by mass give dark matter and other crap.
With the help of mathematics, however, as well as with the help of any other language, it is difficult to describe the reality of the macrocosm and the microcosm. In any language, the meanings of words are too limited and are more suitable for everyday communication than for formulating a description of objects that are not objects of everyday life.

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