Quantum mechanics is rot

Planck, Bohr, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, and other «giants of thought» from Copenhagen invented a theory: Our whole world consists of particles that do not exist until you look at them, but as soon as you look, they appear. (Eerie magical power, of course, only according to their ideas, exists in our body. Whatever we touch, everything before this is absolutely random, and it is unknown where and in what form it suddenly acquires a kind of reality. This is the Copenhagen Dogma quantum mechanics.)
Einstein, having familiarized himself with the postulates of quantum mechanics, told Bohr that «God does not play dice.» Bohr replied, «Einstein, don’t tell God what to do.» Einstein, then fought with quantum mechanics, then claimed that there is a grain of truth in it, but still finally declared that he completely denied it.
When Bell was confronted with quantum mechanics and its Copenhagen interpretation, he said, «I didn’t dare think it was wrong … … but it’s rotten.» But Bell figured out how it was supposedly possible to test Bohr’s fabrications. Bell stated that if there is an inequality of states of particles after the corresponding influences on them, then the supporters of the theory of hidden parameters are right, and if there is equality, then Bohr is right.
Subsequently, several experiments allegedly revealed a tendency towards equality of particle states, albeit with deviations, but insufficient, according to mathematicians, to recognize inequality … (If the statistical ratio is no more than 2: 3, mathematicians consider inequality to be approximate equality, but only if the statistical the ratio is at least 3: 4, then supposedly this is a real inequality.) The results of these experiments, as it were, showed the inconsistency of the theory of the parameters actually available to the particles but hidden from the observer, as it were proved by some rogue statistics of these results.
It should be noted that, according to the ideas of the authors of the postulates of quantum mechanics, the statistics of experiments to confirm its «truth» calculated it is not known how, it is not known what … as if studying. They have waves, it is unknown what and in what, and particles that do not exist before contact with observers … Or, already invented by the successors of the Copenhagenians, holographic images projected into the non-existent brain of these physicists by unknown who and unknown how, or no less wonderful elements some superstrings, comprehended only by the inflamed brain of these physicists, as it were, and nothing else …
In general, in order to make it clearer not as if physicists, but for ordinary people, the theory of physicists, as it were, is what psychiatry calls hallucinations.
In reality, photons are particles of matter, not waves. It is the particles of matter and matter that give the very interference, for the sake of an explanation of which electromagnetic waves were invented by theorists.

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