Fake Mathematical Physics

Newton’s formula: F = gMm / r ^ 2, where F is the interaction force, g is the gravitational constant, M and m are the masses of interacting bodies, r is the distance between them. In Newton’s formula, the masses of two bodies bound by gravity are multiplied. How can you understand what is the value obtained as a result of this multiplication? In reality, this formula does not correspond to anything. It is just an invention of a sick mind and nothing can be measured on its basis. You can only multiply a named number by an abstract one, since multiplying a value means taking its terms several times and finding the sum.

Other formulas like physics are no better. But how can physicists somehow discover something with the help of unusable formulas? Yes, a very primitive technique known in school as fitting the answer to the solution of the problem by careless students. In a kind of science, this technique got a kind of solid name — renormalization

Renormalization is the replacement of parameters originally invented by theorists allegedly for a mathematical description of a physical phenomenon, after revealing the real values ​​of these parameters.
In theoretical physics, no one admits that this is just a mathematical scam. But without this deception, theorists would have to admit that the formulas of the theories they cherish are not solvable at all! For example, they often lead to infinities in solutions.
Richard Feynman honestly admitted: “This trick that we are doing … Technically, it is called renormalization. But no matter how clever word it is called, I would call it crazy! Turning to such hocus-pocus does not give us the right to assert that the theory of quantum electrodynamics is mathematically consistent. It is surprising that so far it has not really been possible to prove this. I think renormalization cannot be considered a correct solution in terms of mathematics.
At the same time, when considering gravity, it is still sadder. Infinity in energies, according to general relativity, pulls the infinite curvature of space-time everywhere at the micro level. This cannot be corrected even by renormalization, and physicists simply do not make calculations for distances less than a certain limit.
With the transition to especially small distances, called the Planck length, all the theories we have created cease to work. This distance is much less than an atom. Calculations made for such small objects based on generally accepted scientific theories predict completely absurd results. Quantum mechanics claims that at these scales, tiny black holes constantly and completely randomly appear and disappear, and gravity assumes the presence of infinite energy, which comes from nowhere. In general, now we do not understand at all what the matter of our world looks like on a scale less than the Planck length. «
So it turns out that the “picture of the world” created as if by scientists is a bunch of unrelated theories of theoreticians “ordained” by financiers, rubbish treatises of adherents of these theories, overflowing with mathematical fraud, in which real observations are drowning.

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