Struggle of sects of cosmologists

The most important dogma of the religion of relativists who have been controlling physics since the beginning of the 20th century is the dogma about the creation of the world as a result of the «big bang». Scientifically it was formulated in 1927 in an article by the priest Lemaitre «Homogeneous Universe of constant mass and increasing radius, explaining the radial velocities of extragalactic nebulae.» During the 20th century, various adjustments were made to the substantiation of this dogma, but the dogma itself was not questioned within the «world scientific community». But at the end of the 20th century, the cosmologists of the «expanding universe» religion that arose as a result of the «big bang» split into several warring sects.
In 1987, the term “big bounce” appeared in the titles of two German-language articles by Wolfgang Priester and Hans-Joachim Blome in Stern und Weltraum. The term then appeared in Joseph Rosenthal’s 1988 publication Big Bang, Big Bounce, and in a 1991 article by Priest and Blome in Astronomy and Astrophysics. According to the theory of the “big bounce”, the “expansion of the universe” is a continuation of the previous phase, during which the “universe was contracting”, and those who believe in this can be called the sectarians of the “rebound” sect.
Another sectarian doctrine about the same «expanding universe», but expanding due to «inflation», was invented in 1981 by cosmologist Alan Guth. This sect was rapidly expanding, it also included the «atheist» promoted by liars from science, who during the Soviet era tried to return Russians to the fold of Christianity, illegally importing Bibles into the USSR, the author of a fantasy about space, crippled Stephen Hawking.
The struggle of the supporters of the «big bounce» against the supporters of «inflation» was manifested in an article published in 2017 in the American popular science magazine Scientific American. In it, three cosmologists — Paul Steinhardt, Abraha Loeb and Anna Iyas — criticized Guth’s «inflation» theory. Interestingly, Paul Steinhardt, together with Guth and Linde, received the Dirac medal for «the development of the concept of inflation in cosmology.» And, having switched to another sect, Steinhardt and his colleagues stated that the «theory of inflation» cannot be assessed by the scientific method, that is, in other words, «it is not scientific.»
These are the passions simmering in pseudoscience designated as «cosmology» …

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