Scholastic physics is a religion

Modern physics is basically scholasticism from a set of theories of pseudoscientists with small admixtures of facts, unnaturally attracted to fantastic theories. There is no big difference in the theories of ancient priests and modern theorists. The theory of the ancient priests that thunder is caused by riding the chariot of the god of thunder, and the theory that galaxies are scattered by the action of dark energy, in principle, have the same basis, and this is the basis of fantastic ideas about the real world!
The fundamental moments of the «physics» of the «British scientists» are precisely the reliance not on facts, but on theories and hypotheses.

In fact, pseudoscientists receive their salaries from state budgets for inventing or popularizing insane hypotheses and theories, and only the rarest enthusiasts are engaged in researching the real world in order to understand it. But even among such enthusiasts, people capable of reasoning are incredibly rare, because in order to be able to say something in physics, you need to get a diploma, and then some kind of scientific title. And for this it is necessary to master and assimilate the nonsense with which the «British scientists» filled the «physics» and prove their adherence to this nonsense.
There is nothing new in all this. Since ancient times, there have been two ways of adaptation among people in the world and in society. The first way is to rely on the opinions of authorities when building your scheme of understanding the world. Another way is to rely solely on facts when constructing your scheme of the world. Actually, reliance on authorities is the main sign of religion, and reliance on facts is a sign of what should be called a science (but there is no such science yet).

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