Empires of lies

The basis of human civilization and culture is lies, deceit and half-truths. International lies flourish in education, science, culture, sports, cooking, but in religion and politics, the private «truth» of each state dominates. The reasons for maintaining this trend are numerous.
A child who is just beginning to speak begins his entry into civilization with fairy tales, that is, false stories about people, about animals that are still unknown to him, and about mythical creatures. His knowledge based on this nonsense is reinforced by cartoons, computer games and movies.
The development of all this for the child continues by introducing him to faith in God, usually that which the parents profess. It must be clarified and emphasized that a full-fledged child receives the beginnings of understanding that people can tell lies no earlier than at the age of 5 (and a non-full one never reaches such an understanding), that is, up to 5 years, everything that any child learns from adults, for him the absolute truth.
At school, the child begins to study the «masterpieces» of literature, the history of states, philosophy, that is, stories invented by writers about fictional literary heroes and historical figures who lived, or, as it were, live in a fictional world and profess fictional ideals. This «knowledge» is reinforced by films, theatrical and temple performances of actors who lie to the audience with all their attributes: coloring, clothes, behavior, in order to portray more real those fictional characters they play.
The main tool for spreading all these lies to the masses is television and the Internet, which repeatedly repeat this lie.
A person trained in all these media usually does not distinguish surrogates from what these surrogates imitate.
It’s easy to imagine a cultured person: here he (she) wakes up in the morning in his renovated room, where the floor is plastic imitating oak, the ceiling is plastic imitating the starry sky, and the walls are paper imitating the lagoon of a coral island. Drinks for vivacity, which is not even in sight, a surrogate of coffee brewed in purified water with the help of special expensive filters from calcium ions. Then he eats some kind of slop of milk and rotten fruit, weighted with chalk, that is, calcium ions, called yogurt, drinks mineral water based on calcium ions. He paints a sick face with paints in the color of youth and health, puts on clothes with labels denoting the well-known symbols of chosenness. (It doesn’t matter whether the labels are real or fake, because this does not change the essence of the clothes in any way.) He gets into a car with a silent engine with a power of a couple of hundred horses and rides it in a traffic jam at a speed of 5 km per hour, to the music, that is, to the beat of a drum, rocking not only his car, but also the houses on the street.
On the way to work, our hero wishes health to all his acquaintances, most of whom are indifferent or unpleasant to him (her).
Then he (she) sits at work, imitating an activity, or realizing some kind of lie. (For example, a report on the activities of the company or an advertisement for some nasty stuff.) After work, he watches some nonsense on TV. At night he reads a fairy tale to his child … And so on, because the lie is endless!

The overall result: the struggle of cultures with different versions of lies for the approval of their version of lies as a global truth, usually ending in a war…

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