Activities of educated fools

The current crisis in all areas of the so-called science was preceded by crises in religion, philosophy, and the entire human worldview in general.

In particular, the crisis of modern science has led not only and not so much the worldview dead end of the so-called. «traps of determinism» of the methodology of scientific knowledge, i.e. when for an observer (scientist) located inside the observed system of physical reality, only the possibility of generalizing incomplete or false data (according to Gödel’s incompleteness theorem) turned out to be available, and a whole crisis of competence of the global level, i.e. when the work of scientists has been evaluated for decades and continue to be evaluated and monitored by people, obviously of a more primitive mindset and personal aspirations .

In addition, in the scientific community itself, adherence to the traditions of a particular scientific school has been and continues to be encouraged, to contradict which means to hack to the root of your career as a scientist. Add to this the fact that the main employers of scientists are either outright psychopaths (modern populist politicians) or mentally ill maniacs obsessed with hoarding (for example, manufacturers of gadgets or any other consumer goods). It is from these preconditions that what can be called the world of educated fools ( educated fools ) was formed, who today dictate their worldview and directions of activity to everyone else.

There are many examples of the activities of educated fools, but at the current moment the activities of the organizers of medicine are most evident. In their activities to «fight» the coronavirus, their stupidity was manifested by terror, but this terror cannot be successful from a purely technical point of view. In principle, it is impossible to defeat rapidly changing viruses with vaccines.

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