The current global warming model is wrong

Everyone knows that if someone pays for something, then he uses the paid for his own purposes. That is why what is usually called science, in its overwhelming part, is the tool of those who pay for it, that is, politicians. Science is part of politics. In the late XX and early XXI centuries, transnational corporations, in order to justify their various ways of suppressing small and unrelated companies, began to push the theory of «global warming caused by anthropogenic activities», and allegedly leading to the incineration of the biosphere. This theory was invented by the carriers of obsessive-compulsive mental disorder, who are looking for signs of the «Apocalypse» in everything. But since the theory was approved by financiers, it was easily accepted by the trained by them, as it were, scientists. In 2019, such scientists from different countries signed a statement in which «… warned humanity about the danger of climate change, up to the disappearance of our civilization …» (More than 11 thousand of these scientists were ordained to the signature so far.)
Of course, there are studies and statements of groups of scientists showing the inadequacy of the climate model of the theory of «global warming», but, of course, these studies and statements do not give a damn to those for whom «fighting» against «global warming» is serious business.
The main culprit for «global warming» in the theory adopted by the financiers is greenhouse gases. For nearly a century, scientists have been believing that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are causing warming. These gases, constituting a small part of the atmosphere, supposedly have a huge impact on the Earth’s climate, trapping some of the planet’s heat before it goes into space. According to these scientists, this greenhouse effect is allegedly even responsible for the fact that there is liquid water and life on Earth. The fact that this does not correspond to reality, and greenhouse gases have little effect on the climate, has been shown by studies of the history of the Earth’s atmosphere. On Earth, there have always been warming and cooling, due to various reasons, but least of all these reasons were associated with the amount of carbon dioxide. One example is the Precambrian era, when the Earth was completely glacier, and the atmosphere was carbon dioxide. But the epochs close to us indicate the same.
From the results of a study published in the journal Science Advances, it turned out that the atmosphere of the pre-industrial southern hemisphere had four times more soot than scientists supposedly postulated. And soot has a greater cooling effect on the climate than the negligible warming effect of greenhouse gases. Aerosol particles from volcanoes, fires, and other forms of combustion have a cooling effect as they block sunlight or cover cloud cover. After all, normal people, unlike scientists, are cold when the sky is in the clouds.
And so, while climate models seem to be based on data on past levels of greenhouse gases, the same data on smoke aerosols were unknown to them before the industrial revolution.
To obtain data on the level of aerosols, the authors of the described study analyzed 14 ice cores taken from all over Antarctica. Inside these cores, they measured the level of soot, a key constituent of smoke. It turned out that the ice cores contained four times more soot than they do now. This led scientists to think about a much more smoky past of our planet than previously thought.
After checking their results using computer simulations, the researchers also concluded that soot levels remained relatively constant from the beginning of the industrial era until the 20th century.
As usual, the scientists conducting the study made very soft conclusions, they wrote that the accepted climate model may overestimate the effect of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on climate change.

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