«Dark forces» emerged from darkness…

Pseudoscientists seem to have despaired of endless and unsuccessful attempts to detect «dark matter» in the real world. The formula for the force of gravitational interaction: F = gMm / r ^ 2, where F is the force of interaction, g is the gravitational constant, M and m are the masses of interacting bodies, r is the distance between them, invented by Newton, lies at the basis of modern physics. But, the more observations, the more obvious the inconsistency of this formula with reality becomes.

Pseudo-physicists from the University of California at Riverside decided not to look for this very «dark matter» in the real world, but to thrust it into the fourth dimension invented by Einstein, however, they are not against any dimension, as long as it is not in the real world. And from there, from an unknown dimension, «dark matter» by means of «dark force» controls our world, bringing it into conformity with the «mathematical universe», which theorists amuse themselves with …

“We live in an ocean of dark matter, but we know very little about what it can be. We know that it exists, but we do not know how to find it, and we cannot explain why we did not find it where we expected it. Over the past decade, physicists have come to understand that dark matter interactions can be manipulated by hidden dark forces. They can completely rewrite the rules of how to search for dark matter … «- said Philip Tanedo, assistant professor of physics and astronomy … (His unfortunate students, what a nightmare they will have to teach to pass his exams …)

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