Pseudo-physics theorists are paranoid

Theology, cosmology, and mathematics have a common cause. It is usually believed that cosmology is a part of theology, and mathematics in general is a science of sciences. But the basis of all these areas of human activity is such a feature of the brain as paranoia.
Paranoia is the presence of ideas in a person, to which he attaches overvalued importance. From the outside, it can be very difficult to notice a deviation: the thinking and behavior of the patient is perceived by others as meaningful. At the same time, the patient’s attitude to the outside world is very critical. In his address, he does not accept any criticism. A person is delirious not because he misses the external world, but because he is haunted by an internal conflict. The paranoid is not able to adequately assess their ideas, his system of values ​​is so far from the real world that a deep chasm stretches between them.
For example, John Archibald Wheeler is an American academic theorist. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University, worked in Copenhagen with Niels Bohr, where he fell ill with quantum mechanics.
Wheeler’s inventions apply to all areas of modern physics, as it were. Wheeler coined the terms quantum foam, black hole, and wormhole. The most distant from reality his inventions are devoted to the quantization of gravity, gravitational collapse, the structure of matter of extremely high density and temperature.
John Wheeler, with the support of Richard Feynman, somehow invented that in the entire Universe, all electrons and positrons from the «big bang» to the end of everything, no matter if it will be a «big gap», «big compression», «thermal death of the universe», it is one and the same electron located at all points in space. The basis for these fabrications was the postulates of quantum mechanics, in particular, quantum entanglement.
Feynman stated this in his article «Theory of Positrons».
The scheme of these fabrications is as follows: you can draw a drawing with a pencil without lifting the pencil from the paper, and according to Wheeler, a particle moving incredibly fast along the time coordinate of Einstein’s «space-time continuum» bounces from the end of the expansion of the «mathematical universe», then from the «big bang.» «, From where she took off initially. A positron is an electron moving into the past, and as if the lack of positrons means only that they are hidden in protons. The jumps of a single particle at a very high speed will create, as it were, its clones when crossing our time, where all objects existing in our perception are drawn by this particle. The information for this drawing was given, of course, by the world mind …
But there are many such paranoid theorists …

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