Caution, experts are at work

Any fool can predict anything, but only an expert can explain why the predictions did not come true…

Expert (from Lat. Expertus — experienced) — a specialist invited or hired for a fee to issue a qualified opinion or judgment on an issue considered or decided by other people less competent in this area.

Life is full of different expertise.
From all sides, experts educate us: how to treat any disease — from runny nose and acne, to old age and cancer, how to smear your face and how to have sex, what to eat and how much to drink, what to buy and how to communicate with each other, to whom, how and why pray.
This is, so to speak, everyday life.
Experts explain to us: why there have already been wars and revolutions and when and why the next war will happen, what will be the weather and what needs to be done so that the climate does not change, when and to whom will space debris or another meteorite fall, when the Sun goes out, there will be a “gap expanding universe «, or there will be a man-made» end of the world «…
This nonsense of experts belongs to science.
Political examinations are no different from everyday and scientific ones, the same nonsense, the same persons involved and the same threats.
The «expertise» of doping of Olympic athletes, the «expertise» of the «use of chemical weapons by Assad», the «expertise» to identify the authors of the Boeing shot down over Donbass, the «expertise» of the Skripal poisoning in Salisbury, the «expertise» of the «remains of the family of Nicholas II» are well known … can be given endlessly.
Experts are people, and they, especially in high-profile cases, usually find themselves in circumstances that prevent them from making truthful conclusions: either in connection with threats to their lives, or in circumstances of economic interest, or in circumstances when they themselves blindly believe in some theory and simply cannot go against their belief. That is, of course, any examination results should be accepted not as the ultimate truth, but as an opinion reflecting the interests of representatives of a certain organized group or representatives of the authorities.
The tools, knowledge and information to challenge most of these opinions, most people do not have. It remains only to come to terms with your position and express your opinion in the company of friends …

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