Adepts of quantum mechanics once again reject Einstein’s postulates and formulas

Insurmountable contradictions in theoretical physics exist between the theories of relativity invented by Einstein and those invented by Planck and others like him theories of quantum mechanics.
In relativism, the space-time continuum is postulated by an absolute monolith, and in quantum mechanics it must be discrete, otherwise it is not quantum mechanics. This is known to everyone who has at least somehow studied modern physics, as it were, but they do not seem to notice and continue to delve into their part of this kind of science, without trying to explicitly state that some of this is a lie … However, sometimes such people are still found.

Here are the next adherents of quantum mechanics swung at the formulas of the theory of relativity … Bruno Bento, like a physicist from the University of Liverpool, an adherent of the theory of quantum gravity. His inventions are based on the idea of ​​a discrete structure of Einstein’s monolithic «space-time continuum». Trying to describe the «big bang» from the standpoint of quantum mechanics, he and his colleagues found that this explosion could not exist within the framework of their theory. This is described in Science

According to Bento, if the «space-time continuum» is represented in the form of separate segments, then between the two closest events there is necessarily a timeless gap. But then there can be no singularity, and matter cannot be compressed to infinity — it cannot become smaller than the size of this piece of the «space-time continuum». In other words, the singularity obtained by Einstein-Schwarischild’s formulas does not exist.

Bento and his colleague Stav Zalel of Imperial College London stated: “In the original formulation and dynamics of causal sets, from the classical point of view, causal sets grow out of nothing into the universe we know. In our work, there is no Big Bang as a beginning, because the causal sets stretch into the past without end, and there is always something that was before, ”- Bento said.

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