One of the adequate opinions about modern physics

We are tirelessly broadcast through the media that the purpose of science is to ensure scientific and technological progress, the fruits of which we all enjoy: “Atomic bombs! Reliable delivery vehicles! High-precision guidance systems! .. sorry, this is not the right piece of paper … yeah, here: Personal computers! Cell phones! GPS navigators! All this appeared thanks to the correct physical picture of the world, on which scientists are selflessly working! «
Yes, applied physics is making some progress. But these successes are due not at all to the correct physical picture of the world, but to technological breakthroughs. The physical picture of the world was retrospectively adjusted to these breakthroughs, selflessly inventing new theories that suddenly became in demand. Thus, the wonders of the electrical conductivity of semiconductors prompted theorists to come up with «holes». Children will laugh at this scientific «feat», because there are no free carriers of positive electricity in solids (see above). And there are more than one or two dozen such examples of fundamental misunderstanding of physical processes. What «correct physical picture of the world» can we talk about? Yes, we learned how to churn out computers, mobile phones, navigators without understanding the physical principles on which they work. Their atomic bombs also explode, but they also do not have an understanding of what is happening in this case.

How do you like it: «Scientists in the mainstream of normal science do not set themselves the goal of creating new theories, and usually, moreover, they are intolerant of the creation of such theories by others» [Thomas Kuhn. «The structure of scientific revolutions»]. Can such a science «ensure scientific and technological progress» if it remembers its «mission» only after receiving another slap in the face or another kick in the ass? The fruits of scientific and technological progress, which «we all use» are a miserable trifle in comparison with some super-task, to the solution of which physics was involved.

At least the significant fact that physicists are outside the law speaks of its participation in the solution of some super-problem. They waste colossal resources on projects that, as noted above, are deliberately non-working. Legally, such acts can be qualified as fraud and consumer deception, moreover by an organized group and causing significant damage. But scientists are forgiven all these «trifles», and they know very well that they will remain unpunished. Why are they so privileged? What is this super task for which they get away with everything?

This super task is to manage large masses of people. This is not about the so-called. psychotronic effects on people. If physics here limited itself only to this modest contribution, then only psychotronists would get away with everything. No, we are talking about the role that physics as a whole plays in the management of people, as a form of social consciousness.

The task of managing large masses of people inevitably arises in the course of the development of civilization. How to manage people’s behavior? Their actions are initiated by one or another stimulus. In the soul of each individual there are «keys», the effects on which are stimuli for certain actions. Knowing the «keys» of an individual, it is possible to effectively control this individual by influencing them. But the fact is that, without specially taken measures, different individuals have different sets of «keys». Then the management of large masses of people is ineffective, since it requires some costs for the selection of «keys» on an individual basis. For effective management, it is necessary that the sets of «keys» in the controlled mass of people be the same, «standard». And since the set of «keys» of an individual is determined mainly by his worldview, then for effective management of a mass of people, the same worldview is required for representatives of this mass.

Religions and ideologies were called upon to solve this very problem — the mass planting of the same worldview. And for some time now, science has also been doing this. Moreover, science is in a special position here. Not a single religion and not a single ideology claims to globally cover all the peoples of the Earth. Science is aimed precisely at this global level of work — with the so-called “all progressive humanity”.

As for physics, after it was aimed at this global task, it completely stopped caring about its ideas about the world being adequate to the realities of this world. Indeed, for effective management of people, it is not important how true their worldviews are, but what is important is only that their worldviews are the same. The inculcation of the theory of relativity was only the «tip of the iceberg» in the wave of unification that swept through physics, after which only memories of the German, English, French physics schools remained. Previously, these schools competed with each other and pointed out mistakes to each other, which accelerated the development of science. Now, pointing out mistakes would prevent physics from solving the main problem — to instill in people the same «scientific worldview.» Therefore, the image of holy and infallible physics is being cultivated.

For study

physicists, of course, it is a sin not to use such grace. Working with the masses, physicists themselves use methods of influencing the crowd, the principles of which are described by Le Bon. These principles are simple.

First, not to explain anything to the crowd, but to make an impression on it, i.e. lie. For the bolder and more beautiful the lie, the more it impresses the crowd. “The incredible does not exist for the crowd” (Le Bon).

Second, do not allow criticism of your impressive crowd of statements. Why should she be criticized? «Most people, especially among the masses, outside of their specialty have almost nothing clear and more or less definite concepts» (Le Bon).

Look, astrophysicists pleased: they observed, they say, how «a black hole devours a star» and presented a certificate — a video concocted by means of computer animation. The audience watches this cartoon and believes in black holes. And she also believes in gravitational waves, in the curvature of space-time, in the Big Bang, in «time dilation» and «mass growth», in neutrinos and photons, in superconductivity and thermonuclear fusion … «Millions of lemmings cannot be wrong!» We see that modern official physics does not at all explain to people how the world works, it does not «bring the light of truth to the masses»! On the contrary, it is deliberately engaged in the moronization of the population under the slogan «people get it all.» In this work with the population, representatives of different directions in physics compete with each other, who surpasses whom. And they make fun of those who suspect a conspiracy here. You might think that the sawing up of a lot of money is not coordinated by anyone and let it go!

Of course, managing large masses of people is necessary. But to build their management on total lies is to make a strategic mistake. Management based on total lies is unstable and will surely collapse.

Because everything secret will become apparent, and deceiving is not good.

H.O. Derevensky. Honest physics. Articles and essays. fragment

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